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MEN TEE PRINT THTC Natural 'Tru$$$t TV'

MEN TEE PRINT THTC Natural 'Tru$$$t TV'

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Mau Mau is a prolific street artist, graffiti artist and illustrator with a satirical focus on cultural, social and environmental issues, making him a perfect contributor to the THTC ethos. Mau Mau’s works can be seen from Camden, London to Bangkok, Thailand whether it be his signature Foxes or his infamous ‘Evil Mac’ clown, Mau Mau seams together important global issues with his stylised caricature illustrations & graffiti stencils.  

Again playing on Disney characters, Mau Mau delivers a funny but very sinister truth about our society and the trust we place in the box in our living rooms. The average person in the UK witnesses around 3,500 marketing messages a day and around 2hrs 30 mins of TV adverts a day which is to approximately 18 hrs and 9 minutes a week.

This t-shirt is produced from 55% organic hemp and 45% organic cotton. 

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